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Take on the challenge. Change the future.

AD+VENTURE is a Hakuhodo DY Group open-to-all system initiated in 2010 seek out and nurture business proposals from group employees. It invites, examines and nurtures a broad array of business ideas from group companies, with the ulitimate aim of commercializing them. The program seeks to invigorate the Group and foster a climate of innovation by supporting cutting-edge creative ideas that extend beyond existing business realms.

New business incubated by AD+VENTURE

Japan LGBT Institute Inc.

ESTABLISHED:MAY 9,2016 A think-tank whose work focuses on the LGBT community and other sexual minorities. As corporate awareness of diversity rises, we provide clients with the LGBT-related knowledge, touchpoints and marketing support they need to develop and expand their business in this market.

wondertrunk & co. Inc.

ESTABLISHED:JULY 8,2016 Hakuhodo DY Group’s specialized travel and inbound tourism company. Our primary mission is to showcase the charms of Japan’s regional areas to the world. We work with world travel influencers (travel media, travel product developers and the like around the world) to create PR content that presents Japan’s attractive but less well-known regions to the rest of the world, while at the same time also creating mechanisms that move actual world travelers, so as to make regional Japan an international tourist destination.